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7 Putting Tips For Beginners

7 Putting Tips for Beginners

Putting is one of the most important parts of golf, and improving your putting can lower your score. But for beginners, putting can be a frustrating and challenging part of the game. One of the most common challenges beginners face when putting is speed and distance control. It can be difficult to judge how hard … Read more

How to Play Golf: The Ultimate Guide

Wanting to learn how to play golf? Golf is a fascinating and rewarding sport that has captured the hearts of millions. It offers a balance of physical and mental exercise, and the opportunity to interact with others whilst being out in nature. As a beginner, stepping into the world of golf may seem overwhelming at … Read more

When is Golf Season

When is Golf Seaon

Who hates the golf off season? I know I do. Some lucky states across the US, like Florida, Arizona and Texas as well as some countries abroad have all year round golf seasons. To find out when golf season starts and ends across the US and other countries as well as how to continue to keep … Read more

How To Clean Your Golf Clubs

As you know by now, purchasing a set of golf clubs is not cheap. So, it is important to maintain and preserve them. The other key factor is it will maximize your club’s performance to allow you to play your best golf. If you have dirt in your grooves and on your clubface it will … Read more

Golf Swing Grip: How to Grip a Golf Club

The key to a successful golf swing starts with the correct golf swing grip. Your grip is the foundation upon which your swing is built and getting it right can make a huge difference in your game. Your golf grip will be one of the biggest factors in keeping your clubface straight. Through your swing … Read more

16 Golf Tips for Beginners

Here are my 16 golf tips for beginners to help you focus on the right things to improve your golf game. Golf is a challenging game, I know I have played it for 20+ years. But I wish I had these tips before starting my golfing journey. It would have started me off on the … Read more

19 Rules of Golf Etiquette

As an experienced golfer, I know firsthand how important it is for all golfers to know the right etiquette out on the course. It is a sure fire way of not getting invited back if you play with poor etiquette. By knowing the rules of golf etiquette, it will make it a more enjoyable round … Read more